"Passionate, open-minded, and willing. As a young human, made of many ideas and drawn to the arts, those are accurate statements that briefly support my works' entirety. I am Tae, a 20-year-old musician that was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin; driven by the hunger for growth, experimentation, and creation. With the help and networking of many people, and with my drive to make music and share it with the world, I have been on the journey of performing at a plethora of different venues. The people I have met, the things I have learned, and the motivation I have gained from these experiences have only driven me to have a hunger for more. I will dedicate my life to the creation of art, and utilize the power I have to be an agent of social change regardless of my state and place in life. Ultimately, I strive to make people feel and think, in the way their interpretation allows them."

- Tae